"The approach to personal growth is a journey of self-knowledge and taking charge of your life in order to become who you truly are and to give meaning to your life."

At Journeys of the Heart and Soul we are specialised in personal growth, inspired by Humanistic psychological (Carl Rogers). Being oneself, self-awareness and relating to others such as they are, is a theme at the heart of all the workshops offered at Journeys of the Heart and Soul.
At Journeys of the Heart and Soul we use a dynamic and positive image of humanity and an exceptional method. This method starts from the reality of now and personal experience. It is a method of self-discovery and self-analyse. Each workshop consists of a series of guided personal analyses that enables participants to explore a given topic in depth. A workshop at Journeys of the Heart and Soul is an experience to live rather than a set of facts to be learn. It invites the participant to explore methodically their own experience related to the subject of the workshop. Questions for personal analysis are used to guide inner exploration. Participants may share their discoveries with the group but sharing is optional.

As the facilitator of the workshops, I offer insights and handouts that help participants to go further in their personal learning of themselves. Being part of a group and working on your growth is powerful and profoundly nurturing. You will realise that you are not alone in whatever difficulties or challenges you are facing. Everything said during a workshop is confidential and remains within the group. This ethos fosters an atmosphere of trust and acceptance between the participant’s and the facilitator.
Group meals, free time alone and the opportunity to meet the facilitator for an individual meeting are also a key element of a workshop.

Concessions for the workshops are available. Please contact me for details.

If you have any other questions or queries, please contact Maria

For Who?

At Journeys for the Heart and Soul, we offer structured and inspiring workshops for the growth of individuals. It is meant for all adults and young adults who want:
  • To get to know themselves better
  • To develop a solid personality and quality relationships
  • To discover the riches of their personality and the roots of their behaviours and sensations
  • To assert themselves with confidence, revealing the best of themselves
  • To become better equipped to face life.


The workshops range from one-day to 5-day intensive workshops and everything in between.


Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”
~ Albert Einstein