Growing in my capacity to love and to be loved

Course over five days:
Next workshop to be announced
Burgesland, Streete, Co. Westmeath

To love and to be loved are the two most important pillars of your emotional life. Everything is affected by it;
your whole person, your behaviours. Real love, also called unconditional love, seems simple but it is often very difficult.

How do you live your aspiration to love and your need to be loved more free and balanced way, so that you can be open and spontaneous in your relationships?
In this workshop you will explore what real loving is and reflect on the difficulties of loving. By gaining more
insights into this, you become stronger in your capacity to give love and to receive love in the different
domains in your life.


  • You develop your emotional and relational capacities
  • You will explore and get to know of what love is
  • You find ways to deal with the difficulties you experience in your relationship

Practical info:
Growing in my capacity to love and to be loved
Burgesland, Streete, Co. Westmeath
Workshop fee for the five days € 335
Concession are available. Please Contact Maria for further information on this.

Overnight stay:
We have overnight accommodation available in Streete, Co. Westmeath. There are four ensuite rooms available with full board for € 70 a night. You can pay this separately at the guest house.
If you do not choose to spend the night, it is best to keep in mind that for this course you share a hot meal with the group. You will be charged €17.50 for this meal, the coffee breaks and the use of the course room. This is paid separately at the guesthouse



10–14 August

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”
~ Albert Einstein