A welcome gift for you!

“Change starts with you”, affirmations cards are a dynamic and creative tool for discovery and learning more about you.
The affirmations are intended to free up your inner creative and authentic self.
I invite you to spend a few minutes with the affirmation, repeating it in your head, or even better to say it out loud until you really feel the feeling the affirmation gives to you. Imagine your life if the statement were true. Immerse every cell of your body in the vibration. If the affirmation inspires you or moves you into action, follow your intuition. If you feel resistance or negativity concerning the affirmation, it means you genuinely need it! Do not resist any further, relax and breathe deeply, allowing any negative emotions to come up to the surface, acknowledge them and let them go.
In the ceremonies, you are working with releasing or focusing energy. This is done in the form of emotions, ideas, and creativity. I encourage you to incorporate them into your life, especially the ones that speak to you. You can use these ceremonies when you want to create intentional shifts in your day, and ultimately in your life. They work in their own good time. Have patience.
The personal experiences are an opportunity to step out of old habits and to awaken a renewed interest in yourself and in your life. It is important that you approach each invitation with curiosity and free from any expectations of the outcome. In the end its about fun and connecting with your authentic self. This is in the first place for yourself.
The meditations are further support for reflections and change, knowing that many people have traveled this journey of self-discovery and change.

May you embrace each day your beautiful, true self and let yourself shine.


“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”
~ Albert Einstein